Project name:  Brand Film
Client:  Georgina Noel EFT Practitioner
Role:  Creative director, producer
Skill sets: Creative, direction, script writing, storyboarding, production


Project Description
Georgina Noel needed a brand profile film that not only talked about EFT and Tapping as an alternative therapy, but also introduced potential clients to her as an individual and her unique approach. 
After taking the time to fully understanding what Georgina does, along with some of the barriers she faces with this new and often little understood (yet incredibly effective) therapy, we made a conscious decision to open her story with the reasons she began using EFT as a technique to immediately address any doubt viewers may have.
As an International practitioner, based on Jersey we decided to set the scene in the beauty of her natural environment which helps to highlight her successful and convenient, remote consultation offer.  This is Georgina's story.