Project Description
Artist, Natasha Dettman, approached Storyteller with a brief to produce a film installation that involved the challenge of shooting and lighting, underwater. Natasha wanted to create a film piece that addressed the process of undergoing huge shifts or changes in ones life, the ultimate transition being the passage of a person between life and death and how much presence or control you have in these moments.   We worked to understand exactly what she wanted to communicate, then engaged a small production crew and produced the piece over 2 nights at AquaSplash, Leisure centre in Jersey.  Myself and Natasha then worked together in the edit to produce the finished film.  Finally, we brought Jersey-based music producer, Marc Mitchell in, to create the music that would accompany the piece and the first of a series of showings took place on 2x 30ft LED screens at Bestival 2013 on their main stage. We produced 2 separate pieces in total - Transition and The Wish.

Sound production:

Project name:  Transition | Video installation
Client: Natasha Dettman
Role:  Producer, Editor
Skill sets: Production, Editing

The production team - photograph by Natalie Mayer.


Transition showing at Bestival September 2013.