I partner with brands to produce meaningful, considered, visual stories.

I'm an experienced BA Documentary Photographer based in Amsterdam, working with global brands throughout the UK and Europe.
I work collaboratively with teams, delivering both candid and produced, story-driven content from inception through to publication. I initiated my career in the visual arts before moving into design and production for a leading, brand strategy agency. I draw from this experience when producing story-driven, photographic content for brands.

Clients include – adidas, ABN Amro, The BBC, Philips, The Co-operative Society, Kate Spade NY, The Ministry of Defence (NL) and The Greater London Authority.

Stacey Yates
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Recent work

I had the privilege of hiring Stacey to work on a photography commission for the BBC’s Design + Engineering division. An outstanding documentary photographer, Stacey takes the necessary time to meet the people involved, to find a way to connect with them and gain their trust; It’s the quality of this connection she makes with the subject which is absolutely key. In a live broadcast environment, where schedules and priorities change often, Stacey was always willing to be flexible and accommodating. Stacey’s professionalism and enthusiasm for her craft is contagious and I would recommend her unreservedly.
— Zoe Hitchen, Producer, The BBC
It was a pleasure working with Stacey on our Talent Acquisition project. She’s a true visionary and is great to bounce ideas with. She introduced a new style of strong, storytelling through her photographic approach that has really enhanced the Philips brand. I can highly recommend Stacey, she’s not only a very talented individual but her professionalism, passion and enthusiasm for the project made the experience highly enjoyable. I look forward to work with Stacey again on future projects!
— Clair Williams, Senior Art Director, Phillips Global
Working with Stacey was an incredible joyride through ideas and their realisation. Many creatives quickly fall into closed working practices or think more about their own place in the creative process, rather than finding ways to indulge yours. I brought some complicated ideas and ideals to Stacey and not only did she help me evolve them into refined artefacts at the conceptual stage, she helped me add dimension, time and place - all of this was before she even considered where her own place in the material realisation would be. Stacey works very hard to understand what you’re trying to achieve and how the end user will receive the message. My rough ideas completely changed over the course of some very productive conversations and then Stacey laid a very clear route to realising the eventual plan. I felt indugled, included and involved and I didn’t ever have to force my way into the development or realisation of a process, Stacey kept me in the front row of everything. Stacey’s photography also has a passion wrapped into it that’s palpable. Every brand has human ideals behind it, but most don’t enjoy it’s proper communication - Stacey will make sure it’s in the DNA of everything she does for you. Stacey helped me tell the story I really wanted to tell using countless subtle semantics. Everything was considered.
Stacey’s amazing. Make sure you involve her from the start - and let her lead you all the way through to the end. You won’t be disappointed, moreover, you’ll consider paying her double the asking price.
— Tim Hole - Managing Director, Cicero Coaching