'Fitting In. Standing Out.' - Rough Trade East exhibits


My latest work - ‘Fitting in. Standing Out.’ has got itself some airtime! Rough Trade East will be showing the work in their coffee shop throughout July and I’m really happy it’s found it’s first home here.

In 18th London, coffeehouses occupied the center of urban life and played a huge part in creating a distinctive social culture.  People got together to discuss, and debate pretty much everything and they played a key role in the explosion of change back then. The Coffee stirrers and what they stand for will be quite at home here as the work is intended to create a bit of internal debate! 

Here’s a link with more about the history of Coffee Houses.

If your interested in art, coffee, music, healthy debate or good chit chat get down to Rough Trade East in July to view my latest work and give yourself something to talk about over coffee.

We’ll be having a knees up for the opening night and more will follow on that but for now check out details on the Rough Trade site..